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Why Does Everyone Need a Secure Email Platform?

Would you let someone read through your personal emails?

Ever heard a story about someone’s partner or workplace going through their emails and finding some dirt? It might have caused a huge fight, a written warning, or worse. You can be absolutely sure those people did not see it coming.

Would you let someone read all your emails? We’ve all sent and received emails that are super personal, sensitive, or even embarrassing.

Now, imagine that someone who was reading your emails was a blackmailer. Next thing you’re on the hook for money or they post your pictures on the internet.

Now, imagine your mom sends you copies of your birth certificate and passport for your records and a week later some fraudster is opening credit cards and racking up thousands of dollars of debt in your name.

Imagine the police get a hold of your emails, and they find out that it just so happens you’ve been in a few of the same places at the same time as a wanted criminal. Imagine the media somehow finds this out and suddenly your name’s splashed all over the Internet.

Anyone of these scenarios is 100% possible.

Business emails are supposed to be sent in confidence

Like your personal email accounts, there is going to be sensitive information in your business email communications – information that can probably be even more damaging than what’s found in your personal email trove.

Do you remember the Sony Pictures hack from 2014? Remember the leaked emails where producer Scott Rudin and studio co-chair Amy Pascal exchange racist references about Obama’s choice in movies? Ouch. Pascal was fired, no doubt due in some part to the emails.

Compromised business emails, whether they’re casual or formal confidential exchanges with outside clients or partners, or even contain proprietary information, can cause a business potentially irreparable damage.  It can bring down whole companies.

While companies can take steps like having their own dedicated email server, assessing the security of the server itself may be a little more tricky.

Isn’t email private, though?

Email should be private, but that’s not always the case.

Most all email providers don’t encrypt messages

Yes, even in this day and age, almost all email providers don’t automatically encrypt outgoing messages. Why? Well, your guess is as good as ours. What this means is that any emails sent from an account with these providers, if captured in transit can be read – much like a postcard in the mail system. Yikes.

Your email provider is (probably) scanning your messages

While it’s highly unlikely that Larry the intern at Google is reading your emails, it’s safe to say their machines are. While Gmail said back in June 2017,  quote, “Consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization”, this said absolutely zip about scanning emails in general.

People were getting spooked by targeted ads that “read my email”, so they cut it. But that doesn’t mean they’re not scanning your emails and using them for other purposes. How about that auto-reply feature? How do you think it knows what’s been sent to you? How do you think it can write a quick response that sounds like you? Yep, that’s AI at work with your data.

Many email providers can be compelled to hand over your data to the authorities

FBI: Hey, Microsoft, it’s the Feds. We have reason to believe X user has been doing some nefarious stuff on the internet. Give us all their emails!

Microsoft: *looks over paperwork* Ok, seems legit, here ya go.

In fact, over the period of July 2017 to December 2017, Microsoft received requests for data from 40,181 accounts and turned over at least some data, such as location, in over 65% of these cases, and actual stored personal/business content in over 1,500 cases.

If your email provider’s company and/or server is located somewhere that doesn’t have strict data privacy laws in place, well then hey, they have to do it.

How can I keep my emails from being read by other people or used as data for big companies?

When you aren’t conscious of security, you can find yourself at the center of one of these huge messes that you always thought would never happen to you.

The biggest threat to you, as a person, right now, is in your data being used for purposes you don’t approve of.

That’s why we created CTemplar. We wanted an email solution that gives people the most secure email system in the world. How do we achieve it? By making sure we look at the causes of each of these problem cases.

We’ve built a Fort Knox email system with these security features:

End-to-end strong PKI encryption – so your emails cannot be read or decrypted when sending over the internet

Email data center in Iceland – Iceland has no information sharing agreements with the US and have strict data protection laws in place to protect users

Emails are not decrypted until they reach you – Your emails are stored in an encrypted form on our system in Iceland, so we can’t even read them

Business registered in the Seychelles – US or other regionally based businesses are compelled by law to hand over data, even if their servers are in another country. The

Anonymous signup – No need to use your personal details, simply a username, and password

It’s these aspects plus some more technical features that make CTemplar an airtight email solution. It’s easy to use and you can breathe easy knowing your emails are for your eyes only. Try us out now.

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