Swiss Privacy is Dead

Ancient Swiss banking privacy laws give a false assurance that Switzerland is a country that protects users privacy.   However, the Swiss abandoned bank privacy laws, voted for less privacy protection and have a laws requiring they send their users data to the USA.  During this period of Swiss privacy failure, Iceland has risen as the premiere privacy location in the world.  CTemplar chose to locate their servers in Iceland in order for our users to benefit from strong Icelandic data protection laws.

Swiss/US MLAT Treaty

Switzerland fueled its privacy fall when it accepted a MLAT (mutual legal assistance treaty) relationship with the United States. These treaties require Switzerland to send the USA any information available to Swiss authorities.  Under this treaties, the Swiss obligate themselves to cooperate as broadly and as much as possible.  They also require Swiss companies to actively track users locations as much as they are able to.  According to published reports, the Swiss signed the agreement for profit-making reasons – while ignoring the protection of user data.

The Swiss Vote for Less Privacy

In 2016, Swiss citizens overwhelmingly voted for a new proposed surveillance law, registering 65.5% in favor of the new proposals. The Swiss government had made vague claims that their security operations needed regulations in their unstable country. By that time, all Swiss police and other Intelligence agencies possessed limited investigative equipment for proper surveillance – a factor that convinced its citizens to pass the surveillance law. Moreover, practices like phone tapping and email surveillance were initially not allowed. Over time, however, these practices were carried out by the government’s police and intelligence agencies.

The Swiss Join Anti-Privacy “Privacy-Shield”

The term “Privacy Shield” is a deceptive name and is harmful to peoples privacy.  The EU/Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks were initially formed by the US Department of Commerce, the European Commission, and the Swiss government. The main objective behind the joint alliance was to provide a way for organizations and corporations to adhere to data protection when sharing peoples private data between countries. By 2016, the European Commission decided to allow the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework to monitor data transfer under the EU law.  It is strongly advised that people who seek privacy should not choose a country, like Switzerland or Germany, within the privacy shield.  The desire for increased profits has been the driving force for joining the Framework, and in the process, these nations/organizations end up knowingly abusing their citizens privacy.

CTemplar decided to locate our servers in Iceland because of their outstanding privacy and data laws outlined on this page.

The CTemplar Team

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