Icelandic Privacy Laws

Why Iceland?

We host our user’s data on servers in Iceland because it offers the strongest legal protection for email users that want security and privacy.  Here are the reasons why:

1. Iceland Has No Data Retention Laws for Webmail. When you delete an email, it instantly gets deleted and no backups are retained.  However the Icelandic Electronic Communications Act 81/2003 requires ISP’s to record and store data for 6 months.  CTemplar is not an ISP so these data retention laws do not apply.  ISP’s are only able to detect that you visit our site, the duration of your visit and the data transferred between your computer and our email site.   ISP’s and CTemplar are NOT able to read your emails. You can protect yourself from ISP’s in Iceland and elsewhere by using a VPN.

2. Iceland Legally Allows for Total Anonymity.  You need anonymity here’s why. We provide total anonymity and no IP logging because the laws allow us to.  In Iceland, you can even buy a SIM card without registration.  Email services in the US and Switzerland are legally required to track your IP address even if you disable IP tracking.

3. Iceland Legally Protects Whistleblowers & Activists.  In 2010 Iceland passed the Modern Media Initiative “designed to make Iceland a safe haven for journalists and whistleblowers”.  Edward Snowden even considered flying to Iceland instead of Hong Kong as a location for his leaks.  After the Snowden revelations, Iceland expanded and strengthened its privacy laws citing Edward Snowden as their inspiration.

4. Icelandic Courts & Judges Fight for Privacy. CTemplar only shares users data when served with a valid Icelandic court order.  Iceland’s commitment to privacy is so strong that most all requests for court orders are denied.  However Icelandic will not protect those involved in child pornography.

5. Outside the 14-Eyes and no MLAT’s.  Iceland is not part of the privacy abusing “14-Eyes” coalition of countries.  Countries included in this group are forced to share their countries citizens private information between all the other 14 countries.  Iceland has no MLAT treaties that can require broad access.

It is illegal for us to share user data without a valid Icelandic court order.  If we are served with a valid Icelandic court order then we will give them your encrypted email’s.  Location is only 25% of what you need in a secure email service.  Click here to read about the other 75%.

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