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What are the advantages of storing data in Iceland?

Before we decided to locate our email servers in Iceland, we performed a study to determine the security level, as well as the user data protection policies in place.  The USA was not an option because of the privacy violations committed by that nation.  We thought about Switzerland but decided against it because the US Government could ask for all the data swiss servers using the USA/Swiss MLAT law.  We finally gave Iceland our unanimous vote as being the best country to store user data. The decision was attributed to its benefits, which we have listed here:

1. Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI)

In 2010 Iceland passed the Modern Media Initiative “designed to make Iceland a safe haven for journalists and whistleblowers”.  Additionally, IMMI says it’s to “focus on Data Protection since the Snowden revelations, privacy and the protection of data have come to the fore as fundamental issues in the world of communications and technology”.

2. The Data Protection Act of 2000-

Iceland implemented a Data Protection Act in 2000 that allowed for freedom of speech; and encouraged anonymity of user data. The Data Protection Act calls for every Icelandic server to employ advanced encryption of information stored. CTemplar is among the companies that adhered to this requirement, justifying our claim of always encrypting your personal data. Moreover, according to the Act, we are prohibited from sharing your data for any reason whatsoever.

3. Outside the 14-Eyes

Iceland is not part of the privacy abusing “14-Eyes” coalition of countries.  Countries included in this group are forced to share their countries citizens private information between all the other 14 countries.  People who care about privacy should never use an email service or VPN within the 14-eyes.

4. Iceland did not take part in the Privacy shield framework

Following its strong strategies to become the leading country for secure/private data storage globally, Iceland has no intention of joining the Privacy shield framework.

5. Icelandic courts have the reputation of challenging legal requests

Iceland courts have a reputation for challenging requests from governments, like the USA, to access data.  Most requests end up being denied.

The CTemplar Team

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