Here’s Why You Need CTemplar for Email Security

Do you use Signal? Well, here’s why you need CTemplar for true email security.

When you look for a secure messaging platform, you may locate one called Signal. Signal provides complete end-to-end encryption; it can’t be read by the platform or anyone else. But what about email security?

When was the last time that you did an evaluation of your email system’s security? Unless you are a system admin working for a large company and you run and configure your own email server, then it might not have been very recently.

The problem with email privacy is that it’s a complex beast, particularly if you need a webmail solution. Typically, the big “encrypted” webmail providers, like Gmail, only encrypt over the wire, again from your browser, and then decrypt on their servers.

Obviously, this is not a secure connection.

There are many reasons that people need to be conscious of email security.
● You send important business documents, such as sensitive client information.
● Living or working in a country where freedom of speech isn’t a protected right
● You may be a whistleblower
● You may just not like your data being harvested!

What does a secure email system look like?

Picking a secure email system isn’t just checking for that little padlock to see that your email’s website is secured.

Secure email systems ensure that no one can access the contents of your email. For maximum security, you should ensure they can’t view the metadata as well – the “to, from, and timestamps”
A secure email system consists of:
● An anonymous signup that doesn’t require personal details
● An anonymous method of payment for paid accounts, such as tumbled cryptocurrencies
● A strong password not like any other online accounts, and without personal details
● End-to-end encryption of emails, using open source technology
● Emails stored as encrypted files on the webmail server
● A provider that doesn’t keep data (or linked IP) logs
● Stored in an encrypted form on your device/s (if it’s stored at all)
● A webmail server located in a jurisdiction which has a high level of user data protection and no agreements in place with other countries that would require disclosure of user data
● A business based in a location where governments do not spy on its citizens.
● Both locations should be out of the Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States), Nine Eyes (+ Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway), and Fourteen Eyes (+ Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden) intelligence alliances, as well as Israel and the EU, for maximum security regarding information sharing
● An open source system, with the code readily available (no hidden back-doors)
On the user’s side, a secure system should look include:
● Comprehensive anti-malware and anti-virus software
● For a heightened level of privacy, use the Firefox browser with legitimate and verified (by security-conscious folk) privacy extensions and no “random” extensions, along with disabling of WebRTC within your browser
● Use a VPN that abides by the majority of the rules outlined for email security if you are using a regular web browser
● It’s recommended you use the Tor browser via Tor on Tails for a very high level of internet privacy, along with Tor bridges for ultimate privacy

As you can see, there are many elements that go into online security. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means, either. The setup and configuration that you use is entirely dependent on the trust and configuration of each product in the process. Once you have the right elements in place, you’ll be safe in the knowledge your email data is air-tight

Evaluate your secure email options carefully

When you’re searching around for the most secure email system around, whether you are interested in business or personal purposes, you will find a range of options available to choose from.
When evaluating each product, carefully compare the security features, software setup, privacy policy, terms and conditions of use, and company background.

Why we built CTemplar

Digital security is extremely hard to implement on your own. We’ve built a service you can put your trust in – without requiring an IT degree. Please review our credentials and configuration to see the advantages of choosing us over the competition.

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