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  • CTemplar is an email service that provides a safe and secure platform for sending emails and sharing files by using 4096-bit end-to-end encryption. CTemplar provides the greatest level of data protection.

  • No it is not recoverable. We do not collect any personal information from users when they sign up. It is impossible for us to know if you are the user who created, owns and controls the account you are seeking to access. Additionally, we do not know your password so we cannot help you with […]

  • Yes, CTemplar is available using the TOR browser via this onion address http://ctemplar42u6fulx.onion. When you visit CTemplar using TOR browser, you will be automatically redirected to our onion address.

  • We don’t support Mac or Mac Outlook yet; however, we are planning to add this feature in 2019.

  • CTemplar is just as secure on your phone as it is in your computers browser.  The content of your messages is only decrypted in the browser you are using.  We send your browser the encrypted pieces using Angular 6 Javascripts, and your browser assembles it for your eyes only.  It is possible for the text […]

  • Yes, we do support “Custom Domains”. All Prime accounts are allowed 1 custom domain at no added cost.

  • If you have forgotten your password and can no longer access your CTemplar account, you can always set up a new password via your recovery email. In case you did not provide a recovery email at the time of sign up and forgotten your current password, you might lose your account forever as you are […]

  • Your account can only be stolen if someone gets access to both your username and password.  This can only happen if you have given your password to someone else or you have some malicious key logging malware installed on your computer without your knowledge. Key logging malware is not common and most anti-virus; cyber security […]

  • If you are conscious about your email security and concerned about your email privacy then you are at the right place. Other email services, such as Gmail only encrypt via the wire that is really not a secure solution. CTemplar provides a safe and secure platform for sending emails and sharing files by using 4096-bit […]

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the General tab in the Settings area.

  • You can delete your account at any time by visiting the “General” tab in the settings area. If you delete your account it will be available for you to use after 6 months. Deleting your account is not reversible. Deleting your account also cancels your subscription.

  • No records of deleted accounts are kept whatsoever.

  • No, once an account has been upgraded to prime it will remain saved indefinitely; even, if the account is not logged into.

  • All free accounts are deleted and available for re-use after 12 months of no login attempts.

  • The end to end encryption is done when you send an email from one CTemplar account to another CTemplar account; however, when you send email from CTemplar to a non CTemplar account (e.g: gmail, yahoo, outlook) then the content will be sent in plain text to other end, but in CTemplar account it will be […]

  • Our system sends `end to end encrypted` emails. Your emails are by default encrypted using your public key, and only you can decrypt those emails using your private key, your private key is protected using your password. Your password is stored as non reversible hash on server, so only you know your actual password, and […]

  • We use the 4096 bit end-to-end encryption which prevents anyone, even the one who is monitoring the network, from reading and viewing the private conversations, emails, shared files etc. What makes an end-to-end encryption so special is the fact that you have full control over your privacy, including who reads your private messages.

  • You are entitled to a full refund for any paid email-accounts during a 14 day cooling off period after the payment was made OR until the service is “used,” whichever comes first. The service provided is considered “used” when the first email is sent.Refunds for cryptocurrency purchases will be the lessor of the purchase amount […]

  • CTemplar does not currently integrate with Outlook or Thunderbird.

  • Currently, CTemplar is not compatible with IMAP/SMTP; however, we are planning to add this functionality in near future.

  • You can customise your sender name and add automatically a signature at the end of your messages as a footer. Go to: Settings > Signatures & addresses   Note: if you are using alias, you can simply select the email address you want to set. The setting is only applied to the e-mail address you […]

  • You can create rules for filtering your emails. Adding a filter allow you to perform actions such as automatically labelling or archiving. Go to: Settings > Filters and blocked addresses Click on “Add custom filter“ Enter a name Enter your search criteria: Select first condition (if the sender or if the subject) Select second condition […]

  • You can whitelist or blacklist emails. Go to: Settings > Filters and blocked addresses   Whitelist an email Messages from contacts in the whitelist always go to Inbox folder. Marking a message as not spam adds the address to the Whitelist   You can also add a contact in your whitelist: Click on “Add whitelist contact“ Enter […]

  • You can get email notifications when you are log in to CTemplar and have it open in your browser.   Turn notifications on Based on your browser settings, you will be asked if you allow CTemplar to send you notifications. In order to be notified when you receive a new email, allow notifications.   Google […]

  • Yes, you can choose to set up an autoresponder based on time or on dates. When people send you an email, they will automatically receive a notification with the message you have specified. Go to Settings > Forwarding and autoresponder Select “Autoresponder” or “Vacation Autoresponder” Fill in the time or date range and the message to […]

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