Email Sending Limits

Some criminals profit from sending emails with viruses or with scams to innocent people. Their success depends on sending out as many emails as they can, to increase the odds of success. Their success depends on the email arriving on the Inbox, too. The ability to send an email and have it go to the receivers inbox, without going to SPAM, is valuable. As don’t want any users to send SPAM email from our platform and we have no way to read any emails that arrive or are sent through our platform, we had to place sending limits on our platform.

However, this solution is constantly being refined and new methods might be developed to further reduce the chance of malicious emails of arriving in our users’ Inboxes. Until then, some of our users might experience some issues when sending lots of messages.

If you have any issue/suggestions or would like to submit any feedback, please send us a message to


  • 3 per hour
  • 200 per day
  • 10MB Max Attachment Size
  • We do not allow sending file types associated with malware.
  • Emails between CTemplar users: unlimited
  • Recipients per message TO: 10, CC: 10, BCC: 1

Note: We limit BCC to “1” on free accounts because it is the most common tool used by those sending spam.



  • 100 emails per hour
  • 2000 emails per day
  • 50MB Max Attachment Size
  • Emails between CTemplar users: unlimited
  • Recipients per message: TO: 20, CC: 20, BCC: 20



  • Unlimited emails to non-CTemplar users and CTemplar users.
  • 50MB Max Attachment Size
  • Recipients per message: TO: 20, CC: 20, BCC: 20


What happens when the email limit is reached?  If limit is exceed, an error will be displayed and an email notice will be sent. The message will be saved as a draft.  Limits per hour / day are applied over a rolling 1-hour / 24-hour period. As soon as the period is ended, you will be able to send email.

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