CTemplar’s 4 Wall Protection

4 Wall Protection was defined by the CTemplar team with the goal of helping people review their privacy needs.  Imagine that your privacy is a 4 walled fortress.  If a wall is missing then an enemy can easily get into your fortress.  Therefore it’s important that you make sure you receive adequate protection in the places that are important.  This is designed to be reviewed with the post here.

  1. Wall 1: Company
    1. We are privately owned and our code is open source.
    2. We are not owned or controlled by a Government or Corporation that resides in a “14 Eyes Country”
    3. We never log your IP address at any time.
  2. Wall 2: Encryption
    1. Emails are “End to End Encrypted”
    2. We are working on adding encrypted Contacts, Subjects, Attachments, and Metadata.
    3. We are the only service that is not able to decrypt our users encrypted content.  We provide assurance of this with open source code and checksums. 
  3. Wall 3: Legal
    1. Our servers reside in Iceland which offers the strongest privacy and data security in the world.  It is the only location in the world that designed it’s privacy laws to protect whistleblowers and journalists.
    2. Our company resides in Seychelles which is the most resistant location in the world to corporate requests.
    3. We are not part of the “14 Eyes” and we do not have an MLAT treaty with the USA.
    4. We require an Icelandic court order to turn over your data.  These are the most difficult to get in the world.  If we turn over your data it will only be encrypted information.
  4. Wall 4: Technology
    1. We use “Angular” code that constructs the website in your browser.  It also encrypts/decrypts in your browser so we never see your decrypted data.
    2. We allow anonymous account creation and payment
    3. We have zero access to your passphrase/password

A service that offers End to End Encryption is worthless if they can decrypt your emails and give them to anyone who asks.  The strongest fortress in the world is not secure if a wall is missing or gate wide open.  People desiring the highest level of protection should not buy discount services.  Conversely, people that only require minimum security protection may not need the strongest protection.

Your privacy is your fortress, be sure you get the privacy protection that meets your needs.

The CTemplar Team

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