CTemplar’s 4 Wall Protection

4 Wall Protection was defined by the CTemplar team after seeing other email services knowingly offer vulnerable services under the illusion of complete security. For example, they may provide good encryption, but they have access to your username and password and can legally be required to turn them over without your knowledge or consent. The strongest fortress in the world is not secure if a wall is missing or gate wide open.

We are the only secure email service in the world that offers acceptable protection in all of these areas.  All of your correspondence is protection with these 4 “walls”

  1. Company Protection: We are privately owned and our code is open source.  We are owned by those who built the website.  You can see who we are by visiting our Github page.  We do not accept money from Corporations or Government in return for control as other secure email services have. This puts us at a disadvantage because we dont have vast amounts of financing that other services have.  We feel giving control to a Government or Corporation in exchange for money is a betrayal of our users.  We are completely reliant on our users support for this website to operate.
  2. Encryption Protection: All emails are encrypted.  All our users are protected by 4096 bit encryption.  That ensures users are protected from current encryption cracking attacks, and attacks far into the future. Emails sent from CTemplar accounts to other CTemplar accounts are “End-to-End Encrypted”.  All other emails are encrypted when they are received and whenever you are not viewing them.
  3. Legal Protection: Our servers reside in Iceland which is the strongest location in the world for data security.  A key reason for this is the Data Protection Act of 2000, this gives maximum protection for freedom of speech and protects anonymity of user data. Moreover, according to the Act, we are legally prohibited from sharing your data for any reason. A users data can be obtained via an Icelandic court order, however, these are among the most difficult to obtain in the world. And if we turn over a user’s data all that is turned over is encrypted content. We do not have backdoors and we use 
  4. Technology Protection: Our technologies mathematically protect our users. We use the code “Angular” which does not allow users to view their inbox on our server.  Instead, our server sends the user their inbox and it is built in the users’ browser only.  It is mathematically impossible for us to see inside a users inbox.  We are working on applying checksums so users of all skill levels can have a guarantee that the code we are sending them has been proven by security researchers to be free of backdoors and malicious scripts. We are the only secure email service that seeks to provide users with this type of guarantee.

Why does it matter?

4096 bit encryption is pointless if your email provider hands over your sensitive data and username/password to all corporations, political interests, and governments that request your data. At CTemplar, we are the only email service provider that offers wall to wall protection without gaps. The strongest fortress in the world is not secure if a wall is missing or gate wide open.  People desiring the highest level of protection should not buy discount services that merely give the illusion of security. Your privacy is your fortress, you want the walls to be thick and impenetrable to even the strongest attacks.

The CTemplar Team

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